A great photographer brings out the happiness and the best part of the wedding. Andrew Koh is the Canon EOS Ambassador Malaysia & photography maestro, Canon EOS Academy Official Trainer (Malaysia), a member of WPPI & WPE, with a fabulous personality. He has the talent in getting the people he works with ready to fully enjoy the moment. After reviewing so many photographers on this blog, I begin to see a trend. Each photography style is closely linked to the photographer’s personality. Andrew has been described as “a joy to be around”, talented, funny, awesome beyond words. I have to agree to that after looking at the images he produced.

Andrew loves capturing people’s candid face expression in a natural setting that truly reflects the emotions and moment in time.  Laughter is how you measure a successful photography job I think. One can really live in the moment from these fun-filled shots.

With numerous wedding photography experiences under his belt, Andrew can anticipate the important moment when it happens. The groom with an anxious expression on his face, when the bride sheds tears of joy, clueless groomsmen awaiting their challenges. He allows people to act naturally by giving them enough space and creating  a relaxed mood for things to unveil themselves. It also helps to move around and change the perspective of the camera.